Unable to add cues to percussion instruments

I’m able to add cues to all instruments except the 2 percussion(triangle and tambourine). For those 2 instruments, nothing comes up in cues popup. How do I make this happen?

This has already been asked… You can add a pitched instrument to your percussion layout and send your cues to this instrument, for instance. There are other solutions…

I did search for it but wasn’t able to find a good source in English. Is it not possible to use Dorico’s amazing Cues tool for percussion instruments? Since Dorico is able to change clefs as necessary, I don’t see why not. It even suggests cues for those instruments. Would love to know if this will be added in the future.

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Dorico doesn’t handle percussion staves as a simple clef matter. It is a whole abstract representation of different one-staff instruments condensed on one staff. I understand why you would want what you want, but this will eventually require a lot of implementing from the team in order to make this feature easily accessible. But again, you can use Dorico’s ability with layouts, instruments and automatic hiding of empty staves to achieve your goal quite easily.