Unable to Adjust Layout (SOLVED).

Hi all!

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here, but I can’t figure out how to solve this issue. The problem is that I’m unable to adjust the ‘Default Full Score’ layout without affecting the ‘Default Part’ layout, and vice versa. Basically, once I make one look good the other looks bad. Here are some images showing what I speak of.

This is how I want it to look:

Correct Layout by Jose Cabrera, on Flickr

And this is what I get from the other layout:

Incorrect Layout by Jose Cabrera, on Flickr

In the above case, the Default Part layout looks correct while the Default Full Score layout doesn’t. Fixing the Default Full Score layout to look like the first image makes the other one look exactly like what you see in the second image (an incorrect layout). Like I said, fixing one messes up the other. Hopefully I’m just missing something simple.


Have another go at those screenshots, please. The photobucket ones you’ve linked to are pretty blurry.

Sorry about that.

I just learned that Photobucket now blurs images after a certain limit is reached, so I had to sign up for another image hosting service -_-.

Go into Layout Options, and select your Score layout in the right panel.
What is showing in the areas I’ve highlighted?

Now select the Tenor Sax layout from the right panel.
Again, what’s showing in the areas I’ve highlighted?

My suspicion is that your score and parts are using different page sizes, but relying on the same Master Page Set.
This is basically incompatible, because the frames on each Master Page are anchored relative to the page margins. Different page size = different margins = different distances = different sized frames.
You need to ensure that if two layouts use different page sizes, they use different Master Page Sets.


That’s what I was missing. The Score was set to a different page format than the individual parts. Also, as you correctly assumed, the Full Score was also set to the incorrect Master Page. However, what really took it all the way was setting the page size to be all the same (I had them all set to A4 I think, except the Full score). Setting the Full Score to letter didn’t quite do it, but you gave me the solution regardless. Thank you!!

BTW, is it better to set it to Letter rather than A4, or whatever I had the Page size set to?

That depends entirely on what your needs are regarding printing and score size. 9x12 is sort of standard for parts, but letter is common.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Really it depends what country you’re in. The U.S. (and Canada?) uses Letter and 9x12; virtually everywhere else uses A4. If you’re going through specialist printing firms or commercial publishers, plenty of other sizes are possible, too.

I went with letter since that’s probably the most common paper size here in the U.S. Honestly, most of this music will be read from iPads. But, just to be safe, in case someone decides to print this music, I’ve set them all to Letter.

Unfortunately, I have another series of related problems. First, the last bar of my first flow is a double bar, rather than an End bar. I’m pretty sure I’ve set the option correctly so that every flow ends on an End bar. But again, I must be missing something.

Also, even though the music on the Full score looks good, the music of the second flow in every part sometimes has widely separated lines of music where one line sits at the top and the next sits at the very bottom of the score. Now what did I do wrong? Lol

Last bar of first flow: try selecting the final barline and simply deleting it. If that doesn’t work, try selecting it, then typing Shift+B fin Enter. If neither of those work we’ll probably need to see the actual project to diangnose the problem.

Part layouts: turn on View > Signposts > Frame Breaks and View > Signposts > System Breaks. Does anything show up? It sounds to me like you may have inadvertently added breaks here and there. If it’s not that, check Layout Options > Vertical Spacing (making sure you’ve selected the part layouts in the right panel). There’s all sorts of stuff you may have meddled with there.

Ok, first issue with the end bar is fixed! Deleting the last bar line made a hidden bar show up. Not sure what that was about, but problem solved.

As for the second issue, I’m not seeing any frame breaks. I have all signposts enabled, btw. I didn’t understand what you want me to do under Layouts Options. What am I supposed to check out in Vertical Spacing?

Alright, Now I know what’s going on, but I don’t know how to fix it. It appears that there are a bunch of missing measures that do NOT show up in the individual parts, even though they show up in the score. It goes from say measure 33 to measure 34. Then empty space until the bottom of the page where it shows a line with measures 47 and 48. The same happens in subsequent pages. How do I fix that?

Not the foggiest idea. Attach the project, or a cut-down version of the project that displays the problem.
It’s 2.45am here so I’m off to bed (yeah, my body clock’s weird) - someone closer to you will hopefully pick up the thread :wink:

No worries!

You’ve been super helpful already. In the mean time, here’s an image of what I see in the project:

Untitled by Jose Cabrera, on Flickr

I’ll try to upload the project file. Thanks for you help!!

Print mode tells us very little; post the file here if you’re willing, and we’ll take a look.

Make sure to zip it first…

Here’s a link to the file: https://we.tl/t-ay9vlvAEpx

The Score looks fine and same with Flow 1. The problem is with the individual parts in Flow 2, after page 2.

Hope you guys can figure it out cause I sure can’t :slight_smile:.

Thank you!

Well, congrats. I’ve literally never seen anything like this in my [Dorico] life. Uff. Working on it, stand by.

Incidentally, this GIF is after trying all the usual things and looking for problems.

That diagonal line is… wait for it… a rehearsal mark. Yeah.

Also, this gem:

Yay! I broke Dorico!!

Lmao…sorry, it’s just that I’ve been working on this all day. FYI, these are pieces I originally arranged in Finale 25 and brought to Dorico via XML import. I’m using this as both a learning process as well as to transfer my arrangements to Dorico. It’s gonna take a while if things like this keep happening though, or I may just give up. We’ll see I guess. Hope you can tell me what happened though.

Thanks so much for your time!!!

I’ve systematically checked everything I can think of, and I’m still stumped. I’ve seen some real oddities from XML import, but this one takes the cake.

Your solution (and it’s really not too bad) would be to create a new blank project in Dorico and add your players (and other info). Then switch to this project’s score, Galley View, click on the first bar, Select to End of Flow (DON’T use “Select All”), and copy-paste into the new project.

This method should grab only the notes and such. You can use “Select More” for the chord symbols. Add the repeat structures manually. You should be ok.

As an aside… I think there’s something amiss in the Finale file. I’ve probably worked with 500 XML imports from Finale, of all sorts, and I’ve never seen anything this messed up.

I would keep this link to the offending project. I’m sure Leo will get a kick out of it tomorrow!

UPDATE: I solved it. It was a funky rehearsal mark. Select the first mark, use Select More, and delete them all.

I guess I’ll give that a go. Thanks!

The crazy thing is that, in your gifs, even the first flow (which is Mario 1) is all messed up. On my system, the first flow is perfect! It’s only after the second flow where things go wild. Weird!