Unable to audition stacked notes properly

I’m writing a piece for brass quintet and one thing that’s annoying me is the inability to audition stacked notes for harmonic quality.
I am aware that I can highlight all the notes in a stack, but they only sound properly if they all have the same duration and aren’t at the beginning or end of a slur.
Can anyone suggest a work-around?
Also, it would be nice to be able to “step playback” in other words, using the cursor, brush over the music at a rate determined either by my finger or by the left/right arrows. Right now, it seems step playback is only possible in one lane at a time. It would be nice to have that function available for an entire staff of music, stepping through each beat.
Thank you.

Step or scrub playback has been requested before, wrldwdarr, but I’m afraid it’s not currently a feature of the program.

Okay. Too bad. I guess I can live with it. There’s so many other great things about the rest of the software :smiley: