Unable to browse/ select folders when creating new project

Cubase Pro 8.5

Here is a very annoying and persistent bug:
When creating a new project and selecting project location, it defaults to last saved folder on the drive, not displaying other folders and subfolders on the drive.

I am having to create a new folder on a different drive every time I create a new project.

Here is an example:

Last project was created at: E:\Audio-more\Clients\Gustavo

The subfolder “Clients” contains 181 other folders, but Cubase won’t let me see or select any of them. The only locations it allows me see and save are “Gustavo”, “Clients”, “Audio-more”, “E:”. It won’t actually display any other folders/ subfolders for me choose from within these locations. So, if I want to select a folder named “Mark” (which I know exists) located within “Clients” folder, I can’t do it, because it won’t show up. The only folder that will show up within “clients” folder is “Gustavo” which was used last.

Clicking on the “reveal/hide” arrow won’t help.

This is a bug introduced in version 8.5, very annoying and needs to be fixed.

Thank you.

I have the exact same bug on Cubase 9.0.3.
Did you find a way to fix it?

EDIT : the only way around this is to create a new folder, close the newly created project and create a new project again, then all your folders will magically reappear…a bit confusing (and a waste of my precious time!!)