Unable to buy Dorico

After receiving verification for crossgrade I tried to buy Dorico ,But got stuck in a loop which took me back to verify Sibelius
.I renewed the process and eventually got to payment screen, entered my card details and was told that I could not pay with credit card. went back and tried to buy with Paypal account ,again told it wa snot accepted . I have bought all my steinberg products before with no problem, so what is going on with this particular software.
Anthony Chappell

Sorry to hear you’re having problems, Anthony. Normally you can just click the first link in the email you receive telling you that your verification has been completed successfully (the link that says “continue shopping”) and you should be taken straight to the payment stage. Please email info@steinberg.de for help, and somebody will help you complete your purchase.

Tried for two days now to buy Dorico. Still no luck. So I shall wait a few weeks and see if the problem gets sorted. Meantime I shall continue with Sibelius.
Anthony Chappell

Did you email info@steinberg.de as I suggested? If you haven’t heard back from them yet, you should do very soon.

I have contacted my bank and they have told me that the payment has been approved by them but rejected by steinberg online shop. I have also emailed info@steinberg.de but have not had any reply. never had this kind of trouble before ,so not very good for customer relations.
Anthony Chappell

You should try here too (the Customer Service Center for AskNet AG):-

I have had the same problem as Anthony. I emailed info@steinberg.de and have received no reply. I’m really excited about getting it!