Unable to change from Notation to Notation and Tablature

I have a Player that is setup as Notation and the music has been entered. I’m trying to change this to Notation and Tablature. Under Layouts, I’ve gone into Layout Options, selected the Player and Fretted Instrument, changed the Player to Notation and Tablature, Apply then Closed. The music score does not change to include the tablature for the player.
I’m using Dorico Elements 4, does this support this change. Any suggestions on this would be great.
Thanks Greg

It should work fine in Elements. Can you attach the project here? You can cut it down to just a couple of bars of music if you want - that should still be enough to demonstrate the problem.

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One thing to be aware of in Layout Options is that you might be changing the setting for that player in a different layout than the one in view in the music area.

The list on the right of Layout Options contains the layouts in your project: the highlighted layouts are the ones for which you are currently changing options. Make sure you’re viewing the matching layout in the music area. That is, if you want the player to show notation and tablature in the full score, select the “Full score” layout on the right before changing the setting.

This is because you might want to show only notation in the full score, but both notation and tablature in the separate part layout for the performer’s reference, but the conductor doesn’t need to see both!

Thanks Richard and Lillie for your help. Yes the problem was I was changing the layout for the player rather than the Full Score layout. Changes made and all OK. Many thanks Greg

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