Unable to change input track color of specific tracks (input)

Hey there. I am not sure whether I just don’t find the right way but I tried every method to change some tracks’ color. I added these tracks as input tracks and I can’t make them visible in the project window. I can select them in the mixer window but the little arrow on the right side of the channels are missing. Any clue?

1st screenshot is showing the arrow on IN 2 which I selected. 2nd screenshot … no arrow - no matter what I do.

it’s strange as well that these tracks don’t show up in channel search or in the project window…

Screenshot 2021-02-18 at 20.17.29
Screenshot 2021-02-18 at 20.17.38

anyone? if there’s someone who could cross check… I can send the project file over. Thanks

You cannot change the input fader colors from the mixer window. Go to Preferences–>User Interface–>Mix Console Fader Colors and change it there.

hey. thanks for the answer. I will check again but in pic 1 you can see the arrow on the red channels - it’s possible to change the colour there. but not for the channels (grey) I added - they dont Show the arrow on the bottom right.

Show input and output busses should do the trick
there normally sorted in a folder by default
but why do you need them in the project window?

OK now I see what you mean…
I was sure there is a command that enables the input buses on the project window

I can see input Busses 1 and 2 in the project window. 3 and 4 are missing - tried hiding All and showing tracks and types again. think I will build the Session again from scratch and see whether I find a solution. Thanks!

It has nothing to do with the session…

It has to do with viewing options you think? as the pictures show - in 1 and 2 were created earlier. 3/4 and TB in were created later and their colours can’t be changed - 1 and 2 can be changed. any clue?

I can’t change any colours on input buses

ok some new findings:
the input buses show up in the project window if they contain data…
since the only sort of data that is possible there is automation data
turning on write status will bring them up and now you can change the colours

it’s irritating on the first sight, but if you think about it, it is ok. We just have to know it…

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sounds like the right direction. will check tomorrow in the studio. thanks pal

we learned something! :v:

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Thanks to you guys I found out how I can get the mixer input channels to change their colors.
I have to activate WRITE - then I can see the channels in the arrangement window and change their colours - when loading the project once again, the arrow for changing the channel colour in the mixer is there. (strange but it works) THANK YOU