Unable to change percussion kit

Hi! I have a problem using the percussion kit.
I want to change type, from single-staff, and grid to 5-lines.
I choose the tab, but there is no Apply-button lighting up

How do I do this?

The Edit Percussion Kit dialog is where you can change how the kit is set up. The Apply button is therefore only available when you’ve changed something fundamental about the kit, like adding another instrument or changing its staff position.

You can show the same kit in a different way in each layout, so the option for which presentation type gets used is in Layout Options.

Thanks! But I don’t get the changes showing.

Which layout are you changing the presentation type in, and which layout are you viewing in the music area in the middle of the project window?

I’m having full score, flow 1
selecting notes there for editing to make sure I’m on right place
Changing Layout Options > Players > Percussion > 5-lines

Result is eg:

It looks to me as though your B.Drum and Sus. Cym. aren’t actually part of the kit; they’re just held by the same player that happens to hold some other stuff.

You need to add them to a percussion kit from Setup mode; either the same kit as the Woodblocks or a separate kit held by the same player.


The instruments showing blue are just regular instruments. In this case they’re single-line instruments.

You need to click the three dots to the right of each one and add to a kit, which will show as a single green entity (like the Wood Blocks).

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Yes, now I see. Thanks!

Then I manged it. But there are 2 issues.
Here I miss the text “To Glock” and I don’t want the clef and accidentals in the end
(as next system is empty for this player)

Is there enough “room” between the last note of your B.D. and the first note of the Glockenspiel? If they are quite close, there will be no “To xxx” label.

The clef and the accidentals will be needed - or how will your Glockenspiel player know what key to play in? :wink:

There’s 20 bars break from Bass Drum to Glockenspiel.
I’m pretty sure at least the conductor do not want Glock clef + accidentals there.

IIRC this is a longstanding issue about instrument changes. I think the workaround is to put something (hidden) in the part to fool Dorico into thinking the instrument change happens much later (but I may be wrong, or out of date, or both).

Ok, thanks!