Unable to choose accidentals

Hello all,
I currently have a really annoying problem writing music with Dorico 4. I have selected a certain key for my latest piece of music and it all worked fine, until I chose to change the key after a couple of bars (as should be no problem). However, 1. the ‘new’ accidentals do not appear at the start of that particular bar, as I would prefer, and 2. Dorico has automtically added naturals to those notes that would now normally be in flat mode. Not only am I unable to delete this and choose different accidentals for any note, I simply cannot up or down notes with the keyboard to land one semitone higher, for example.
Not sure if I’ve explained it well enough, but would appreciate any help! Thanks!

The new key signature must be created in the tonality system that has the accidentals you want to use. I don’t think I can be more specific without seeing a sample project.

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You can - it’s in the manual. [Sorry this does not answer your principal question, but the statement requires correction.]

To transpose notes up a single octave division, such as a half-step (semitone) in 12-EDO or a quarter tone in 24-EDO, press Shift-Alt/Opt-Up Arrow.

To transpose notes down a single octave division, such as a half-step (semitone) in 12-EDO or a quarter tone in 24-EDO, press Shift-Alt/Opt-Down Arrow.

Thank you very much for the answers. I will upload a sample project to demonstrate what I mean. As to raising/ lowering the pitch of notes, this works normally in the original key but not once I change it - that’s the problem I tried to describe above.
Perhaps a glance at the project might clarify what I mean!

Actually, your answers have prompted me towards the right direction - I had to change the Tonality system to accept a wider range of accidentals! Thank you very much again, am still somewhat new to Dorico after years of Sibelius!

You should only need to do that if you’re using a “non-standard” tonality.