Unable to Contact Support about Download Assistant

I have Cubase 11, trying to open download assistant. When I try to open DLA it gives me a login prompt (which is not normal), I enter my Steinberg password and it takes me to Steinberg Authorize DL Assistant page. I click ‘Authorize’ and nothing happens. I cannot open DLA after this.
I tried searching for solutions - found nothing. The most frustrating thing is I tried to open a support ticket to get this corrected and Steinberg site puts me in an endless loop of -search knowledge-nothing found? open support ticket- click open support ticket and it takes me to the main page. I have to go back to support and start over, it does the same thing, SUPER FUSTRATING when there are no clues. Can anyone help?


By the “DLA”, you probably mean the “SDA” (Steinberg Download Assistant), right?

Are you in Mac or Windows? What is your default browser, please?