Unable to create a guitar bend from a grace note to an ordinary note

I seem to be unable to insert a guitar bend from a grace note to an ordinary note. The other way round works perfectly. Am I misunderstanding something?
I inserted all the notes (with grace notes) first and in a second run wanted to add the bends. When I select a grace note and click the bend in the ornament section nothing happens.

I think when inputting things between a grace note and a normal note, you need to select both notes explicitly first. Selecting just the grace note won’t work (I think this is also true for e.g. slurs)

Works like a charm :smiley:

Thanks again, Lillie!

Though I don’t quite understand why you have to select both notes when the grace note comes first, but only the first note when the ordinary note comes first :thinking:

I think it’s because grace notes work a bit differently to “normal” notes - if in doubt, select both notes for notations that join 2 notes; it also allows you to join e.g. notes in different voices with ties, slurs etc and in some cases notes on different staves belonging to the same instrument.

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