Unable to create low brass group from big band template

I started with the big band template. Instead of bass trombone, there will be tuba. I have tried the documented procedure: setup->players select the three trombones and the tuba and then ‘add group’ . No luck.

If I create a bass trombone player, and move it below the 3 trombones it gets properly braced (and I presume added to the group). Strange things start happening if I add tuba to the bass bone player. I open a new score jazz->Big band. I add tuba to the bass bone player. Switch to write mode. Trombones are properly bracketed together in page view. Switch to galley view, enter one note in the tuba part. Switch back to page view, and the bracket now only covers the three trombones, tuba is on its own. Is this a bug?

No, trombone and tuba won’t be grouped together by default. You can group them together using a bracketing change created in Engrave mode, unless I’m mistaken.

Go to Layout Options > Brackets and Braces, then change the bracketing to Orchestral. This will group all WW together, all brass together, etc. Now your group bracketing should do what you want.

That of course is an alternative approach, but note that it probably won’t produce the bracketing you want for your rhythm section.

Orchestral grouping has undesirable side effects. The big band template is what I need except I need tuba bracketed with the trombones.

I inspected Engraving options->brackets and braces but am not seeing anything promising.

Shouldn’t I be able to create a new tuba player in setup mode, click select it and all the trombones and then click create a new group? When I switch back to page view in write mode, tuba is still on its own.

Success. Daniel was right, but I was looking in the wrong place. In engraving mode, when you select a brace, you get handles that allow you to resize it. I was looking for some properties panel.