Unable to create new project

Hi all,

Have been using Cubase Le4 for quite some time until I recently had my pc rebuilt.
Was on XP Home, now on XP professional.
Successfully reregistered with Steinberg but when trying to create a new project the create button is greyed out.

apologies if this has been asked before I’m new to this forum.

Any help would be appreciated,


Blackie: are you sure you’ve registered with Steinberg :question:

Blackie,Ive always started a new project by

  1. clicking on “File” - top left
  2. click on “new project”
  3. click on “EMPTY”
  4. click on (my documents) or save to where ever
  5. click on open

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

PS: where is this “Create Button” your talking about :question: :confused:
My version of Cubase Le4 doesn’t seem to have that.