Unable to delete chords after copy/paste to another staff

I copied from a bass guitar staff with both notes and chords, pasted it into a brass staff, and the chords came with. Now i’m unable to delete the superfluous chords from the brass staff without it also being deleted in the other staves as well. Is there a way to unlink these chords, or to purge all chord symbols from a staff?

The help files on chord managment are not very helpful, as everything seems to either be on the global level with odd options (either Show For All Instruments, Show For Rhythm Section Instruments or Hide For All Instruments https://steinberg.help/dorico/v2/en/dorico/topics/notation_reference/notation_reference_chord_symbols_appear_staves_choose_t.html), or on the individual chord level where you have to select each manually and hide them in the preferences panel. I’ve managed to sort out my problem using the latter method, but this is naturally unpractical to say the least (and the chord flags still show up in the editor after hiding them).

Is there another way to solve this?


If you don’t want the chord symbols to appear in the brass staff, go to Setup mode, find the relevant player, right-click and from the context menu choose Chord Symbols > Hide for All Instruments.