Unable to delete files within Wavelab Elements 10

I have a new error which is driving me crazy. I am unable to delete any file from Wavelab’s browser, receiving the message “Some open documents have a reference to this file. It is not possible to delete it.” This happens even if the file in question is the only one open.

Even if I make a new copy of the file and put it in a different location on my drive (e.g. My Downloads instead of my sample library), I cannot open the file and then delete it. I get the same error regardless.

I’m running Windows 10. This is a new problem, I believe: I haven’t used Wavelab for a couple of months but I didn’t have this issue to start with. I had added Izotope RX7 to my master section in order to do some more advanced editing, and I’d guessed this might be causing the problem, but I’ve removed it and the problem persists, even after restarting my computer.

I can manually delete the file from Windows Explorer after closing it in Wavelab, but I’d rather just fix the error. I’ve googled the error text with no luck. Do you have any ideas what might be causing this?

There is a similar issue that is corrected in upcoming update 10.0.10.

Got it, thank you.