Unable to delete overlap using range selection tool

Unable to delete overlap using range selection tool (2).

You should be able to delete overlap using the range selection tool.



The Audio events are not selected, therefore the overlaps cannot be deleted.

but the overlap SHOULD delete because in the selection there is an overlap.


Do you know any older Cubase version, where did it work as you described?

If yes, which version was it, please?

If no, then it’s a Feature Request.

This has never worked in any versions but it should.

ok this is then a feature request.

Sorry about that, I have been using Cubase for 15 years and decided to try and participate to the community because I have a little more free time because the studio is closed. Didn’t want to offend anyone, just wanted to try and help.

You seem to be a “veteran” member of the forum, what would be the correct procedure for my feature request (or can you point me to the precise documentation).

Thanks, and I am sorry again for posting the wrong thing.