Unable to disable UR 242 Direct Monitoring

Hello. Just got my UR 242 and unable to turn off the Direct Monitoring.
E.g. when I run music through speakers and try to use the microphone, I hear myself and get acoustic feedback to speakers (constantly increasing hum).
I haven’t found a way to turn it off using hardware buttons as well as DSP Mix. According to the manual, it’s looks like possible for Cubase, but not other apps. I searched the web and looks like that the problem is well known.

I have the same issue.

I just got a new UR44 (coming from a focusrite 8i6) and need to re calibrate my speakers (using IKMultimedia ARC calibration system), which needs the direct monitoring turned off during the calibration.

With the 8i6 this was possible because it has plenty of presets, and one of them is “DAW monitoring” (instead of direct monitoring).

Is there a solution for this?

I think I found a solution (haven’t tried it with the calibration software though): Try soloing the DAW track in the DSP Mix panel (you could also mute the input track you are using). The input is still sending the signal, but it is not being monitored by the speakers.

The correct procedure is muting the input channel. I just measured/calibrated my room and muting the input channel is like disabling direct monitoring.