Unable to display libraries in the "right zone"

hello, today I downloaded 40GB of free libraries (by the way I share: cymatics ) then I launch my Cubase 12.0.70 I open the pane of the zone on the right, I go there in the favorites, add then I navigate to the library that I have just downloaded. There are 45 main folders which each contain wav, ogg and mp3 files but in the favorites only 2 folders are displayed, so 1 without content while there is. So I tried going to Media => MediaBay and there all the folders are displayed with their content. I even reinstalled cubase but nothing to do, windows defender does not block. From the mediabay I can drag and drop files into my project, also from windows explorer but not from the right area. It’s painful every time to look in mediabay when normally what is displayed in mediabay should be displayed in the right area if I add to it. Same for the “file browser” option, so that 2 folders are displayed 1 without content.
I don’t understand please can someone enlighten me why this is not working?

You need to 'tick ’ the folder to SCAN in the Main Mediabay or right click on the folder to Rescan for content

I rescan then refresh but nothing to do it does not change anything

ADD : I tried to browse the library in Davinci resolve and FL studio and everything is displayed and works correctly without problem. . not in Cubase, it’s crazy