Unable to download Absolute 5


I purchased perpetual license for Absolute 5, one year back. I now want to transfer the license to another PC. I am unable to find download for Absolute 5 on Steinberg’s website. What should I do?
On my products page, no product is shown.

In eLicenser Control Center, it asks me a 32-character activation key while I have a 25-character key.


You can download Absolute via the Steinberg Download Assistant. Absolute is listed there in the section VST Instruments and Plugins.
If you already activated the license on the eLicenser/dongle, it should show up in the eLicenser Control Center and there’s nothing further to do. Just plug the dongle into the new PC. Otherwise, you probably got a download access code which you have to enter in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Thanks Martin.

I downloaded and installed the Steinberg Download Assistant. My product Absolute 5 is now appearing int the SDA. But while activating, I get the following message: No eLicenser selectable. Reinstall your product to create a soft eLicenser.

I have no USB dongle; I want to use software license.

Ok, I guess, in this case you need to request a new activation code as described here:

The installer of Absolute will probably create a new Soft eLicenser if there’s none present on your PC yet.