Unable to download Cubase AI Windows version

At MySteinberg in My products, I cannot download the Windows version of Cubase AI.

Every time I click the button for the Windows version nothing happens, but if I click the Mac version, Firefox (v41.0.2) will ask save as etc… as normal, but NOT for the Windows version.

I have tried 3 different browsers and the same thing occurs. Clearing cache, cookies etc… Add-on disabled and so on.

It seems the link is broken for the Windows version?

Using Windows 10, if that makes any difference.


I have tried using another computer and same thing occurs.

I am able to download, but the File is Invalid each time. We are in similar boats.

I have same problem.
I tried 3 browers in Windows 8 and 1 in Windows 7.
“Page not found” or “Initialized” message comes out.

The problem was solved!
My Korean local supporter from Yamaha gave me a download link via email.
And I completed download overnight. Actually my computer did it while I slept.
With Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 11.

Now I clicked my original download link from Steinberg,
and it worked too!

I selected purchasing UR12+AI as the first step to my music life with Cubase,
and now will start it, to which I have been looking forward long time.

Thank you very much, everyone~