Unable to download Nuendo 6


I have tried to download to Nuendo 6 installer for Mac (about 7 GB) several times, and it never gets finished. In fact, sometimes it stops downloading after 4 or 5%, yesterday I achieved a new “record” of 50 %. I am using a download manager, to be able to resume downloads, but after download is interrupted, I only get a 404. Resuming is impossible, so I have to start over.

I suspect, that the expiretime for the download is set veeeeeeeeeeeeery short, and as I only count with a 2 MBit connection (Mexico), the time for download is not enough.

EDIT: I use the grace period option to get the download link. And yes, I was able to download the Nuendo 6 demo, but obviously it´s incomplete in comparison with the regular Nuendo 6 download.

Any help would be really appreciated.
Anybody knows, if I can get a Nuendo 6 Installer disc, as offered in the past, for 30 USD?

Thanks a lot.


Hi Roger,

what do you mean with “incomplete”?



Hello Timo!

Thanks for your reply.
I mean, depending on download speed I can download more or less, but I never get over 50% and resuming download seems to be impossible, as the download link times out.


Hi Roger,

I’ll PM you a different download location for a Nuendo 6 ISO image.
Please try and let me know if this has solved the problem.


hi timo, i have a thread open asking where to find mac / win installers for Nuendo 6 … my download link does not work properly … just goes to the Shop and say i have no downloads …

i have bootcamped windows 7 on my MacPro and would like to have N6 on here as well … i have been given a link to an ISO but the file crashes and is a very very slow download …

thank you for your help


i just wasted 10 hours trying to download a 7.35gb file … i got 5gb on my 3rd try … i am done until someone can point me in the right direction … please help

thank you


THIS TIME IT WORKED … yelling from top of mountain … 4 trys over 3 days … now lets see if it is the Windows version i need … i already had the mac installer … hang in there … like i said in my own thread - this is s bad way of doing this …

the ISO if you can get it downloaded it ALL installers mac / win and also mac / win NEK installers …

Can you to send a Nuendo 6 full (Upgrade) link for me?
I have many many problems to download at steinberg asknet.
3 times i have already tried to download, but without success.

http://support.steinberg.de/ISOs/Nuendo_6.0.2.iso THIS IS NOT AN UPGRADE …

try this … it took me 11 hours though …and only the 4th time was a charm …

mac version?

Nuendo 6 Full - downloaded and working/
Thank you so much.

the ISO has both mac / win and the NEK for both as well …

i downloaded 5.5 yesterday but the NEK had 4 failures over 24 hours … stupid … they really need to get this together …

i also found that the ISO file asks for the Halion SE disk but the 4 parts of DMG file installers do not … ???