Unable to download/reactivate Cubase AI 6

I recently purchased a USB Elicenser. I transferred my MP3 license and my Cubase AI 6 license unto said device. Now, I am unable to download Cubase AI 6, because the only place I’ve so far found where I can download it, asks for my software Elicenser serial, which I no longer have any licenses on. I hope I’m making sense…

I haven’t even gotten as far as doing any kind of reactivation, but I was hoping to avoid this, seeing as how I now have the USB stick.

Please help!

  • Daniel

Hello Daniel,

I have sent you a PM with a download link for Cubase AI6, you do not need to do a reactivation as you already have the license on you USB eLicenser.
Simply install Cubase AI6 from the installer and connect your USB to the computer.

Best regards,

And be sure to save/make a backup(s) of that installer! :wink: