Unable to edit existing text or get note carat by Double Clicking

I have an interesting problem.

I am able to create texts without any problem (shift x) but I am unable to edit the text once it’s created (in case of typos etc). I have to delete the text event and start over.

I have started a new project and tested creating text events, editing them (multiple times) and every works as it should do.

I have read Daniels post https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=114428 and it’s not that problem either.

If I create a text object, (In Write mode) enter some text and it’s displayed fine. I click away (I do not go to to another mode (ie Write to Engrave or vice-versa), I do not touch the zoom levels. I can reselect the same text event (it turns orange) but when I double click… nothing. I did create the event at 200% to ensure my mouse clicking is accurate so it’s not that either.

In previous attempts if I try to double click on the text event in Engrave it switches (as it should) to Write mode but that doesn’t work either.

I normally enter notes by using the keystrokes shift-N but I also tested the double click option and realise thatalso does not work. Everything was tested under the same parameters above. Hmm

Have I clicked on box somewhere to disable text event editing or do I have a corrupt file?



Try to save, close and re-open. It is not the normal behavior, just to let you know. You should be able to edit your text in Write mode double clicking it.

It’s possible, Dave, that you’re experiencing a performance problem, whereby Dorico is unable to process the double-click correctly because it’s too busy doing something else (most likely something that it shouldn’t, i.e. it’s doing some computation that ought to be unnecessary when the selection changes). We have already made some changes since 2.0 that may resolve these problems when you get the next update, but it’s also possible that your particular project may surface a problem we’re not yet aware of. So if you don’t mind emailing to to me, together with details of where in the music you’re trying to double-click text items, I’ll be glad to take a look to make sure.

hello, I can confirm having similar issues trying to edit Lyrics and Shift-X text, too.
Delete, re-input and I am fine.

Hi all,

I’m having this same problem (I’m on the latest update). I should add that when I’m in setup mode and double click, it takes me to write mode no problem and gives me a carat, but when I double click in write mode nothing happens. It happens even after a complete reset. The file I’m using is a multi-movement and performer work, so perhaps to do with that?


Edd, if you’re willing to share your project, please post it here or email it to me so that we can examine it. Although I would expect the problem to be one we already know about, it can be very instructive to see individual projects as they can bring to light new performance hot-spots that we were not previously aware of.