Unable to edit Midi or Audio in Cubase Pro 9

Hi There,

First a a few formalities in case it may help.

I am using a Cubase Pro 9 64 running on windows 7 64 bit.

My PC is using a 2nd generation i7 Intel and 16g of Ram.

Currently using a Montage as my sound card device with a buffer size of 128 samples.

The session has been running since 10:00am this morning and it is now 15:47pm. About 1hr ago I have noticed that I am unable to edit any midi or audio in the project that I am currently working on. I closed it and opened an older unrelated track and could edit that one just fine - So issue seems specific to the track in question.

Problems: If I try to move a midi note in the piano roll it becomes very narrow, like i have adjusted its length to almost nothing , there is also a light luminous green border on the left hand side of the midi note. When the note is moved to a new location which is above another note for some reason the note below it will be removed !?! Also I am unable to add notes accurately into the midi editor using the mouse - each note is placed on half between the 16th rather than on the beat even though the quantize is set the straight 16ths.

I am also unable to move audio in the same way - the audio gets a luminous green highlight to its left side but is locked in place, unable to move to either the left or right .

I don’t consciously remember pressing a command to achieve these very jarring results and I wonder if anyone can please help as I am bang in the middle of some magic :slight_smile: