Unable to extract Cubase LE 8 from the zip downloaded.

I recently bought focusrite scarlett 2i2 stuidio package with which I got cubase LE software . I registered on steinberg.net and downloaded the software with the access code (Windows 8 – 64 bit --2.6GB ) but when I tries to extract that download it gave me an error : ! Cubase_LE_8_Installer_win_2.zip: Either multipart or corrupt ZIP archive.

Please , Help me to figure out what wrong with the same.

PS:Size of archieve is : 2.58 GB

I had real probs with my installation. In the end I tried (in frustration!) to install the 32 bit version instead of the 64 bit version (my 'puter is 64 bit!!) and it ran like a dream. No idea why. Try the 32 bit instead.

I am having problems with the mac download - when opening the Cubase_LE_8_Installer_mac.dmg I get the message “Image data corrupted” - I have downloaded it twice with the same result. Size of installer is 2.61 GB. Download completed successfully on both occasions.