Unable to extract Cubase LE 8 from the zip downloaded.

I got cubase LE8 recetly and with that I got a link for the download of same. but when the download completes I am unable to open the zip file that enclose the software. It is giving me error as zip is corrupt or in a multipart format. I tried downloading for 2-3 times more but same result. Please help me in the same.

I am using a windows 8.1 PC and have the activation code as well as access code. :neutral_face:


Is the download really complete?

Can you check the size of the downloaded file?

Hi,Martin yes I have checked the download size. That is 2.58 GB precisely.

Hi. I had the same problem and after several attempts, I realized that my unzip program was the problem.
I installed 7-zip and problem solved. Hope it works for you.