unable to find Cubase installer


i recently downloaded updates for cubase artist 8 and it failed to work properly.
i sent an email to cubase who sent me instructions on deleting and reinstalling certain files.
I am having problems reinstalling the files after having deleted them.
the final piece of the e-mail read as follows:

  1. Start the Cubase installer, making sure that the “Install for anyone …” is enabled.
    The Cubase installer automatically recognises which components are missing or incomplete and will re-install them.

I am unable to find the Cubase installer
can anyone instruct me on where to find this




Download Chbase Full installer from your MySteinberg > Dwonloads account, please.

having problems with the authenticity of my account. keeps telling me the e-licenser is already assigned to another user. although i’m using the e-licenser and downloading updates with it it seems i’m not being permitted to work fully with the software. waiting for a response from steinberg.

thanks for the reply.


Didn’t you registered already with another MySteinberg user account? Didn’t you buy your Cubase as second-hand?

i changed my details after initially setting up the account. I bought from new. for some reason the computer now has me as another user. I don’t know why. I’m waiting for steinberg to get back in touch.