Unable to generate Soft E Licence HELP!!!

Hi All, As a brand new user I have purchased and downloaded cuebase elements 10 twice now via the installer and still have the same issue with the Soft E Licence registration, on the E licence software panel the top of the screen under registration it is greyed out?? i put in the activation code in the box , it finds Cuebase 10, no problem then says it cant find the E Soft licence connected to my machine?? ive put a screenshot of the error message in the attachments, I know there were some technical issues earlier yesterday with this but they (Apparently have been fixed??)

Any help greatly appreciated as this is now getting really frustrating

Thanks A

I’ve answered this in your other thread on the same problem.

Well ive no idea how or what I done to solve the E Licence issue but ive now managed to load Cuebase Elements 10 onto my Windows 10 laptop :slight_smile: