Unable to get a Cubase 8 Elements Trial License [Mac OS X]

Hello guys,

I just decided to try new Cubase 8 Elements for the 30-day trial version. I downloaded the official way directly from Steinberg.net and installed via provided installer. While opening the app a pop-up saying “No valid license found, the program will quit now” is displayed, although it is said on the Steinberg web that no licence is needed to run Cubase 8 Trial.
I tried to use the eLicenser Control Centre anyway in hope to solve my issue, but in the eLicenser Control Centre there are no licenses shown and after registering my Soft e-Licencer on MySteinberg I was not provided with the Activation key.
Can you guys help me how to solve this issue and finally get to my deserved trial? :slight_smile:

System: Mac OS X 10.10
Product: Cubase LE AI Elements 8


sending you a PM.


I’m facing the same problem. I bought cubase 8 elements about 3 weeks ago, and the license isn’t detected. I tried Downgrading from windows 10 down to windows 7 and thought that this might solve my problem but still no, I’m thinking of buying a mac instead. what should i do? There’s no license detected and i still get the pop-up message saying “No Valid License Found”, it gives me another message to put the activation code and i type it down and still the license isn’t detected. help me please :frowning:

hey… i am having the same issue… ive tried uninstalling all previous versions of cubase. searching for any hidden .dll /folders etc, completely wiping all history of any steinberg products in a hope to resolve this issue…just finished installing the elements 8 trial and its still asking for activation/license. so frustrating… i gonna be buying it but it would be nice to be able to try it out to see if elements will do the job or whether i need to invest in the artist version… please please please help…dan