Unable to get any audio output or sound at all in LE

I recently downloaded Cubase LE since it came free with an AI, I’m curious as to why I can’t hear anything at all when I start it up. I’ve checked the audio connection settings and the output is set to the correct speaker and everything seems in order, but I get no sound whatsoever. On top of this, I’m unable to play any sound from any source on my computer (Spotify, Chrome, etc.). The only thing I see is when I click on project setup, the output shows the correct channel (my speakers) but does say inactive. Please help, I’m getting frustrated.

Hi and welcome,

Are you on or Windows?

Could you attach a screenshot of the Audio Connections > Outputs, please? Can you see a meters while playback the project? Could you try to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size?

If your outputs tab says “inactive”, you have not connected the output bus to a hardware output of your interface in the Audio- / VST connections. Manual -> Setting up your system or forum search -> hundreds of threads about this.
Apart from that, in the “project setup” one can not see what you are saying. Do you mean “studio setup”?

Hi, I am having Audio issues, can record,hear music out of speakers, meters are strong…when I play back no audio, I’ve searched Steinberg fact sheets as well as youtube. I have attached my device setup screen shots…I am using a Yamaha mg10xu mixer… Cubase AI 8

Hey, sorry for wasting your time guys I figured out the problem today, I just had to plug in my AI. I was trying to just use my computer’s sound card which didn’t work.