Unable to get Cubase to read MTC

I’m trying to get Pro Tools to slave to Cubase on the same Windows 7 machine. As I understand it, the best method is to use MMC to control Pro Tools from Cubase, and then send MTC back from Pro Tools for Cubase to read (as suggested in this answer elsewhere - http://www.gearslutz.com/board/music-computers/830523-cubase-mmc-sync-pro-tools.html ).

I have the MMC working great - Pro Tools follows all my transport control in Cubase inc the cursor - but no matter what I do I can’t get Cubase to actually run on playback. I’ve set Pro Tools to output MTC via LoopBe, and Cubase I’ve set to Ext Sync, MTC fed by LoopBe (it doesn’t send MMC messages if set to internal sync). The display just reads “idle” the entire time (oh, and hitting the spacebar restarts Pro Tools from the same place rather than start / stop toggling as nornal, though pressing the actual Cubase transport controls works correctly save for Cubase not running). Any ideas folks? Thanks.

Cubase 7.5.2, Win 7 64 bit Pro, RME Babyface, Pro Tools 10.3.9 CPTK

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I had this working last week but I deleted my cubase settings and now i can’t get it to work again! gah. mmc and mtc so confusing. someone please post a picture of the necessary settings for cubase MASTER and Protools SLAVE.

MMC = controlling commands like start - stop -rewind etc etc.
MTC = midi time code, in fact a clock signal! This data stream gives the exact position of the play head, in other words the slave can follow this clock to stay in sync, MMC just gives the command to start or stop.

noiseboyuk, Were you able to get Cubase and Pro Tools to lock together via MMC? If so, Please share for others.


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I can tell you this, 7.5.3 has some seriously show stopping MTC bugs. This has been confirmed BT tech support. It WILL be fixed in 7.5.4…but no one is sure when that is coming. I for one am growing impatient. Not sure how I am supposed to use a DAW that won’t sync to external gear using MTC. Come on Steinberg…make it happen guys! We need it!

Hey, if its of any help, I have a working setup using cubase 6.5 as a slave and cubase 7.5.3 as a master, simultaneously running on the same machine. Since I just host Video and audio on the slave, I don’t mind that its 6.5. works like a charm.

i hope they fix A LOT of bugs in 7.5.4

i;ve moved up to cubase 8 and now im getting an issue with LoopBe muting itself due to MIDI Feedback. This happens sometimes, pretty frequently, usually when rewinding. Here is my setup with Cubase 6.5 slave on the left, and Cubase 8 settings (Master) on the right.

Help anyone? Thanks!!!
Cubase MTC Settings.JPG

Bump. Why in the heck is LoopBe muting itself sometimes?

edit this appears to be a LoopBe issue, not Cubase. Physical MIDI out works fine for sending MTC, it’s only LoopBe that fusses about feedback. Maybe LoopBe thinks Cubase 7 and Cubase 8 are the same application (i am sending MTC from cubase 8 to Cubase 7)