Unable to get playback on Midi recordings

Hello, I have Cubase 10. With a UR 24c as my interface and Microfreak as a midi controller. I can get signal, record the midi notes and can hear what i’m playing but when I go to play back I get no sound. (nothing is muted, on solo etc)

I can get sound if I record as an Audio track. I’ve watched several youtube videos on how to set up a midi instrument and followed them but always the same problem in the end. Does anyone have any ideas?

Which instruments are involved?
Do you talk about hardware instruments?

Microfreak would be the instrument

Midi-Controller? Instrument?
What are you trying to do?
How do you send your recorded MIDI to the Microfreak?

Looking to use the microfreak as midi controller and/or instrument.

So I send midi to microfreak… but midi is the microfreak.