Unable to group dynamics

I have difficulty quite often to add a new dynamic to a group of dynamics. I select all the dynamics I want to group and after selecting the right command it just does nothing. I tried to unlink these dynamics because I thought that might interfered but still I’m unable to group them correctly. The only solution I’ve found is to delete the "rogue"dynamics and type it again.

I have already understand well (I believe) linked and grouped dynamics. Am I missing something?


Hi Francis, if any of the dynamics are linked to other staves, then they will only group in some circumstances (ie the group will be the same on all linked staves). If they are already linked and you unlink them, you might find you need to deselect the dynamics entirely, then re-select the ones you want to group.

Please feel free to share the project (or a cut-down version of it) that shows the area where you’re having issues, in case there are other factors involved.

Dear Lilie,

Tanks for you reply! I attached an excerpt of my piece. I’m unable to group the dim. to p played by the bassoon and the bass clarinet. In the context of having cut the project, it seems to work fine the first time, but if after you press cmd+z and try again, it is impossible for me to do it.
Example.dorico (1.9 MB)

This seems to work OK for me. What I did was:

  1. Select the dim. hairpin and the piano dynamic in both the bass clarinet and bassoon staves.
  2. Choose Edit > Notations > Dynamics > Ungroup Dynamics.
  3. Choose Edit > Notations > Dynamics > Unlink.
  4. Select the hairpin and the p in the bass clarinet staff and choose Group Dynamics.
  5. Select the hairpin and the p in the bassoon staff and choose Group Dynamics.
  6. Select the hairpin and the p in both the bass clarinet and bassoon staves and choose Link.

Hi Daniel,
It works for me if I follow these steps, but at the same time, why should I have to unlink the dynamics to group them correctly? They’re not linked to any other other dynamics. If you open the project, group the dynamics, then press cmd+z, then try to group them again, it doesn’t work. I believe this is a bug

Hi! I found another place where it is impossible to group dynamics even if I follow carefully all the six steps. I cut the excerpt. You can have a look at the cellos and basses at the first bar. It impossible to group the dim. to mf
Example.dorico (2.0 MB)

The hairpins were inputted as voice-specific dynamics (with the Alt/Opt key) but the mf dynamics were entered as global dynamics. Either replace the hairpins with global ones or replace the mfs with local ones.

Hi pianoleo,
Thanks for your help! How can we know if the dynamic mark is voice-specific or global?

I don’t think there’s an easy indication if you’re not actively looking for it. I selected the passage and Filtered Up-stem Voice 1, and that made it pretty obvious:

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I see! Thanks for your help