Unable to hear anything in Media\Loop\Sound Browser.

Hi guys,

I am struggling to understand a problem that i am having. I have set my machine up so that i have a logical file structure for my samples but when ever i access media bay, loop browser or sound browser i can see my samples, i can see a wave form representing the samples and i can see the browser play bar moving through the sample when i play it but can not hear it. This is for samples across the board.

Any suggestions?

I’m not having any other issues with anything else at all.

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Use the search function…

Hello thinking cap,

Care to elaborate on that? I assume that you are thinking for the perspective that you know what sample you want to use? I would like to be able to scootch through and listen to whats on offer, if that makes sense.


you have to enable the control room and set up your outputs as so before Mediabay browsing will work. Make sure you disable the outputs in question from your main outs if they are used in the control room.

You don´t have to enable, and you don´t you have to disable control room for Media Bay browsing to work. You simply have to set your system up correctly.
To the OP: this question is posted roughly once every 2 weeks. If you use the boards search function, you should find plenty of info about it.


Ok, that was pretty sloppy of me not to search first apologies! I can see how this must be a pretty annoying question now as it gets asked a lot.

So, enabled control room, set up the outputs correctyl and hey presto…

I was still having issues as i heard things in Loop Browser but not MediaBay. Then i realised that the black circle under “Previewer” on the previewer window was actually a volume slider… lol. :blush:

Cheers for every ones help.

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