Unable to hear playback in Dorico 5 (case 2)

Does Dorico 4 still work as expected on your computer? Have you verified that the same MIDI output devices are shown in Dorico 5 as were in Dorico 4?

Problem solved - as @Richard_Lanyon suggested, my device setup had defaulted back to factory settings, and all is now good. That doesn’t usually happen with updates, so I didn’t think of it. I love the scrub playback! Thanks for the help.

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Dorico 4.3 still runs the file I sent you without trouble.
Yes, I checked the configuration of every instruments with the Play view of Dorico 5.
I remind you that I can hear sounds by clicking on notes individually, but the note is then played continuously and I can stop it by clicking the stop play button.

Find attached the midi commands that are generated by Dorico and sent to VSL. (.CSV file)
I get those via MIDI viewer on my VSL computer.
As you will see there are no MIDI notes data, but the controllers data have been sent.
MIDI Data 001.zip (2.1 KB)

It looks to me like it is sending the notes, but it’s sending them all with velocity 0.

I may be wrong, but there are no “Note on” commands and no velocities data (1-127) in the file I sent.

Some MIDI implementations treat a “note on” with a velocity of 0 as being the same thing as a “note off”, so I think it’s possible that that’s what your MIDI-to-CSV converter is doing here.

Here is what I get when I click on one note. I recognize the Program changes I implemented in the Expressions maps of my project.
MIDI Data 002.zip (243 Bytes)

If I Export MIDI from your project, I do get what looks like the correct MIDI messages there - is that also what you are seeing?

I exported from Dorico to MIDI file and I succeeded to play this file correctly.

To clarify the differences between Dorico 5 and 4.3, I send you two files :
MIDI data 003 : Dorico 5 no sounds
MIDI data 004 : Dorico 4.3 sounds correct.
MIDI Data 3&4.zip (8.6 KB)
You will see that the velocities on 4.3 are not systematically equal to 0.
To select my instruments articulations in VSL, I use the “Program changes” of MIDI. I see no such commands in 5.0 version compared to the data generated by the 4.3 version.

Hoping that will help you…

Unfortunately what I really need is some way of reproducing the problem myself, but if I play back your file using MIDI Monitor as an external MIDI output device then it works fine. I will try and see if I can think of any alternatives but I haven’t yet.

It seems that D5.0 send the playback data differently than D4.3 here.

If I understand well, in your system, you cannot see diffrences in MIDI viewer wether you play my file in both versions ?

Thank you Richard and Daniel for your support tonight.
In french we say : “La nuit porte conseil…”
Let me know if I can help you to reproduce this situation on your configuration.
I leave you for now.
Good night to all of you.

I’m off for tonight too, but one thing to try tomorrow… Could you try temporarily switching to a really simple expression map, e.g. “Default” or “CC11 Dynamics”, instead of the VSL expression map? Obviously that won’t give the right sounds, but I just want to check that the problem isn’t something to do with how v5 is reading the expression map.

Hello Richard,

Sorry for the late reply.
I prepared a video showing the issue, but it is too big for the forum attachment. (8 MB)
Should I try to reduce it or is it another way to transmit that to you ?

You can PM me or email at r dot lanyon at steinberg dot de

I just send it to you via email

Thanks Eric. It looks like it might be some sort of timing or tempo sync issue… I can see when you start playback that the notes are played not only with the wrong velocity but also at the wrong time - all the notes in b.1 are played together, and then all the notes in b.2 a bit later. (Or possibly they are played at the right time but they are all received together.)

Are there any MIDI clock settings in your setup that you can change? If you try using Dorico’s fixed tempo mode, does that make any difference (I suspect not, but it might be interesting to try)? Dorico 5 does have some MIDI tempo sync features that Dorico 4 does not (e.g. for Groove Agent integration) so that might explain why things are different.

There are no MIDI clock settings in my setup…
I attached a picture of my MIDI viewer when I use v4.3. We can see the “note on” and “note off” sequences.
With v5.0, I never saw “note on” commands.
Is this by design in v5.0 or are they missing ? If yes it is not only a timing problem, is it ?