Unable to hear playback in Dorico 5

Hello. I have no sound in Dorico 5 at my PC. I have done everything in the troubleshooting-video, deleted all sound-files and installed them over again. I deleted Dorico 4, now I have reinstalled, it works, but 5 doesn’t. Any ideas?

Please load a project into Dorico 5 and then from the menu choose Help > Create Diagnostics Report and attach the corresponding zip file to a reply here. Thanks

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (901.9 KB)

Thanks for the data @Helge_Heggelund .
I have some more questions, though. When you go to PlayMode and open the HALion Sonic editor window, does it show that it loaded sounds? In any case, if you load a piano sound into the first slot and play with the mouse on the virtual keyboard, does sound come out? If not, does at least the level metering in the HALion window show some flickering?

Many thanks, Ulf. Yes, I loud the piano into the first slot and the meters works when I press the keys, but no sound.

No, Now the meters are not lightning up, so I think this is the problem. They did light up in the morning, maybe they stopped when I reinstalled Dorico 4.

Can we assumed you reloaded the most recent version of Dorico 4? At one time there was some difficulties linking Dorico 4 with the new HALion Sonic player, but the most recent version of Dorico 4 addressed that problem.

Thanks, Derrek. I guess so, I may check the version number tomorrow, have my PC at work. Ulf will help me via zoom tomorrow. Br Helge

I have this version of Dorico 4, but Dorico 4 works very well.
Version (Mar 10 2023)
Dorico 4 AudioEngine Version

Thanks for the quick and competent help, Ulf. It was quickly done. I think the challenge was that Pianoteq 8 used a different driver than Dorico 5, when both use Asio it works fine. We right-clicked the speaker symbol at the bottom right, went into the sound settings and switched off a function under advanced. Under Edit/Device Setup in Dorico we also switched off the top function. I also noticed that you can turn up the overall level under preferences/play/default output level in Dorico. So now the volumes on Dorico, Pianoteq and YouTube are at the same level.