Unable to import .ALL songs to Cubase SX3 - Midi import works

Hi, I’m a newbie trying to get back into
I am attempting to import .ALL files into Cubase SX3 in order to save them as .CPR.
I am using a Windows 7 laptop and my pro 10.5 eLicenser. SX3 loads up fine but as soon as I choose a song and try to import, I get an error message and the process sticks at 5 or 6% - song header.

Interestingly midi files import with no issue. - The reason I want to convert them to .CPR is that I have read on the forum that converting to CPR helps to keep the integrity of the song information??

Does anyone have any ideas of how I can successfully import to convert to .CPR?

Hey there, I hope you’re doing fine and that you’re healthy!!

Did you find a solution for the mentioned error in the meantime? I am struggling with the exact same problem - need to remix and convert some Cubase .ALL files (from the Atari days, early 90’s) to CPR.

And even though I’d consider myself a Cubase “pro” it seems like I can not fix this problem. Maybe I have to get an Atari and use an old-school MIDI cable to salvage those songs :sweat_smile: But I’m willing to do this, if it’s the only way.

Or did you maybe found an easier solution?

Cheers and keep on making music!! :raised_hands:t3:

Hi, unfortunately I was unable to convert the files. I was hoping to find someone who had been successful but no Joy.
Good luck though.

try running virtual xp on top of windows 7. i have the .all files on a cd but i can’t find my dongle so i can’t open my sx2. need assistance if anyone can help with converting .all to .cpr

Yes I did use virtual XP and managed to convert a handful of tracks to Midi but Think that the rest were corrupted or damaged in some way. I might try again at later date but for now going to give it a rest.

I am having the same problem … I have a bunch of .all files from many years ago … the steinberg site recommended SE3 which I have downloaded but it wont run because the licence for it (from steinberg) dates to 2016!! Tried an atari emulator (steem) but got stuck as I dont know how to import the cubasis 1 .prg or any .all files or anything :slight_smile: