Unable to import Audio from Video

Unable to import audio from video:

A MOV movie with PCM S16 (sowt) codec
An AVI movie with PCM S16 LE (arraw) codec

The video works very good on screen but audio doesn’t appears.

I try all options of the Operation Help PDF and also I created audio tracks before importing.
The audio doesn’t appears in the pool and anywhere.

I know that MPEG1 and MPEG2 are not available in audios for videos in Cubase but:
I exported audio with a free soft video reproducer and then I’ve imported to Cubase… :frowning:
You must have any tool for that…
A good idea would be an option in the floating menu of the right mouse button on windows (like zip), due to extract audios from videos maybe…

Tell me something :smiley: !!!