Unable to import Page Templates

In engraving mode, I click the Import Page Template button.

Press OK on this window. The window closes and nothing happens.

Are you importing the First page template into a page template set that already contains a First page template? I think in that case, the imported one would replace the existing First page template in the destination set (because a set can only contain one First page template).

Once imported though, the page template will be automatically assigned to a different frame chain than the Default page template already in the set.

Wait, perhaps I’m confused. I’m trying to import a template from another file. Am I going about this wrong?

If the page template you want to use in project A currently exists in Project B:

  1. Export the corresponding page template set from project B
  2. Import the page template set into project A
  3. Either assign the imported page template set to layouts in project A, or import the individual page template into existing sets in project A

(Edit: of course, in Dorico Pro 4 you can also import sets directly from another project without exporting/importing using the Library Manager.)


Yes! I was trying to import a template when I meant to import a template SET. That’s all.

Many thanks!