Unable to insert additional bar

Just got Dorico SE and cannot insert additional measures at all. Watched the tutorials and am doing exactly what they are showing – inserting additional measures, click to 30 press enter or insert and nothing.

Have you added a time signature?

Quite sure I have, but will check again. But as an aside, I just want to memorialize little compositions of mine in piano notation, not learn a whole new software program or music production. I had PNOScan installed on my baby grand and the sellers made GarageBand look like magic, but upon closer look, it isn’t. Tried the Mac, didn’t like it, went back to Windows. Loaded ScoreCloud (makes my simple compositions look much more complicated than they really are and would require a ton of time to fix the notation), so now I am trying Dorico and can’t get past adding measures. Ready to pull my hair out. I wonder are there people out there for hire to clean up and edit a score that is recorded in Dorico SE?

If you’ve already got a time signature, you should be able to add bars - either using the panel on the right (which it sounds like you’re using) or by selecting something where you want more bars, pressing Shift-B, entering the number of bars you want into the popover (e.g. “30”) and pressing Return.

If that’s not what you’re experiencing, you can upload the project here and someone can check.

Will try but will have to wait until after work. Thanks for the instantaneous inputs. This is a very friendly forum.

Thank you. Simple solution worked.

That was a long month of work!