Unable to install Cubase AI for UR22mk

hi everyone
I bought a USB audio interface UR22mkII with the option to download CUBASE AI. I read the manual and all the information very carefully to make sure I didn’t make any mistakes. Unfortunately, it is not possible to install CUBASE AI. Many error messages occured during installation, e.g.

Steinberg download assistant:
“Failed to update the following components:
Steinberg Activation Manager.
this can limit the functionality of the Steinberg Download Assistant.
For manual installation instructions and further information, please visit our help center.”

Enter Activation Code:
“the currently installed version of the eLicenser Control software is too old.
please try again after downloading and installing the latest version…”

several :x: messages about missing xxx.dll’s
Apparently reinstallation can solve the problem…

Error in java security.AccessControler.doPrivileged(Native Method)
Cannot run program “cmd” … blah blah blah… too much information

after visiting the help center and being advised to download the files separately, it was not better. the same circle of errors.

I would be glad if someone of experts from Steiberg would repair or fix this problem with this type of Cubase.

Thank you very much.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Please, make sure, no Antivirus or Firewall blocks the communication with the Steinberg servers. Try to install Steinberg Activation Manager as administrator, please.

Are you sure, you got an Activation Code? Isn’t it the Download Access Code?

Make sure, you have the latest Java version installed, please.

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Hi Martin,
Deleting the Czech post is OK.
Anyway, thank you very much for the reply and advice. You were the only one who replied.
Unfortunately my Cubase does not work . I tried uninstalling everything, the software, the UR22mkII and installed it again. I disconnected firewall and antivirus.

And what about the codes… I used three codes

  1. DAC (download activation code)
  2. soft e-Licenser
  3. Serial No. of product.

If there is still any code, please let me know

I started making a collection of screenshots with error windows.

What version of Windows is installed on your PC?

I think you could try these steps:
Create a Steinberg account and register your UR22 MkII
Go the Steinberg website and download the Steinberg Download manager
Use the download Access Code in this Download manager.
Then this download manager can download and install the Cubase AI.
If activation is required, use the Activation manager (this thing will want to open a Web browser, so allow it.)
Good luck.

Hi Fantom,
Win10 is in my comp.

I did it.

I did it, but … Here started the “story”

Second try was to install it separately

Errors again…

So I turned down firewall, antivir… I checked java updates, system updates, …

when you think you’ve accomplished something

Sorry ,links was forbidden. I have a lots of screenshots


Download Activation Code doesn’t go to the eLicenser Control Center.

If your license is Cubase AI 12, you should use the Steinberg Activation Manager. Cubase 12 Activation process is described here.

If your license is Cubase AI 11 or lower, enter the Download Access Code into your MySteinberg web page. You would get the Activation Code (starting 0240) which fits to the eLicenser. Then you should get Cubase AI 12 update for free.