Unable to install Cubase or use Download Manager or use Activation Manager

Ok - a lot of problems here. Recently I bought Cubase 13 Elements. It works just fine on my home computer, but I would like to run Cubase on my laptop so I can mix wherever I go. I tried logging out of the account that I was using the free trial on and log in to the account with the full version, but there I ran into a roadblock.

The activation manager said I wasn’t connected to the internet. I was. I used different internets, hotspots, and even turned on a VPN. Still didn’t work. I was unable to log in to a different account. Tried offline login. The request file didn’t work.

Thought to myself: “aw, geez, this sucks, might as well reinstall everything”. Backup my audio files to a USB, uninstall everything, reinstall download manager. Download manager gets stuck on loading, turns out a ton of other things that I use to have aren’t there anymore. Reinstall Mediabay, Installer, all these other softwares - and finally - I can open the download manager. Click on download Cubase. Waiting for download. It never gets past waiting for download. Change download folder. Doesn’t work. Try downloading Cubase from the website, but it needs to check for licenses, and it can’t find my license because the activation manager still doesn’t work !

Don’t really know what to do. If anyone has any ideas, shoot me some. My best bet right now is to wait out the free trial and hopefully it unlocks a curse or something that has been placed on my laptop, and then I can finally reinstall Cubase.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You don’t have to Sign Out. The new licensing system allows you to use one license on up to 3 computers.

It seems, your computer cannot communicate with the Steinberg server properly. Please ensure there is no firewall, antivirus or other software that blocks the communication.

I have no firewall or antivirus enabled and it still does not work.