Unable to install Dorico trial

It’s the second time that I try to install Dorico on Mac (El capitan)

The icon jump during a minute and after nothing happens

Dorico don’t answer and I must force to quit.

What’s wrong???

Can you provide a bit more information? Is it the installer that doesn’t run, or Dorico itself following installation?

In fact the installer work fine.
The problem is after. When I try to open Dorico the first time. The icon jump long time and nothing happens. I must to force to quit Dorico because it no answer

It’s the first time that happened a think like this since a long time. I’m on El capitan

What’s wrong?

Thank for your help

Can you see if Dorico is getting far enough to create the file application.log in /Users/your-user-name/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico? If so, please paste the contents of that file into a reply here. Also, see whether the VSTAudioEngine folder exists in /Users/your-user-name/Library/Preferences, and if so, zip that up and attach it here.

Do you have a very large number of VST plug-ins on your computer? Perhaps the audio engine is taking a long time to try to scan them? Or do you have an unusual printer, or lots of printers?

Anything else that might be slightly unusual about your setup that you can think of?

It fixed ! But it was very strange !
I tried to install Dorico in another hard drive and then it works. I saw that this time eLicenser Control Center was installed, not the first time !
Maybe the problem was that before install the trial version I installed the first day the ordinary version thinking it will run like demo. And uninstalled it manually. I remember I uninstalled eLicenser Control Center manually as well.

Now I was be able to install the trial on my principal hard disk and the licenser was installed and dorico open normally.

But it remains one question : Why elicenser didn’t installed every time? (I Tnink that I choice update to forcing that)

Anyway, I’m able to try Dorico now !

Thanks Daniel !

I’m glad you’re up and running. I guess that the eLicenser Control Center is only installed if the installer thinks it needs to install it, e.g. if it’s not installed at all, or if an earlier version is installed.

Yes I 'm very happy for that.

But now I begin to try dorico and nothing it’s easy with a french keyboard !
Impossible to enter quintuplets ! (this sign “:” doesn’t work !)

Make sure that the keyboard language is set to French on the Key Commands page of Preferences (or at least that if the application is set to run in French, you have the keyboard language on the Key Commands page set to ‘auto’). We have had to make quite a few changes to get the key commands working in French, but we did get them all working before we shipped 1.0.10, even if some of them have ended up different than the ones used on an English keyboard. Try Help > Key Commands to see what is mapped where.