Unable to install Groove Agent kits on new computer

Hello, I a long time user of Cubase but I have recently migrated to a new PC. I loved using Groove Agent SE 5 in Cubase, and have installed it on my new computer. However, when I downloaded the Groove Agent 5 factory kits, I am unable to install them on my new machine. I don’t own Groove Agent 5, but am using Groove Agent 5 SE on my new setup (currently using Bitwig to experiment with a new DAW, still use Cubase on my old computer). When I download the factory content for Groove Agent 5 I am not able to access the kits via Groove Agent 5 SE. There is no factory content installer for Groove Agent SE, only GA 5 via the Steinberg downloader. I have purchased various Groove Agent kits via Steinberg, and I’d like to be able to access those on my new machine as well as the factory content. Am I being forced to purchase GA 5 (I am able to load all those kits on my old machine via GA SE 5 and I am also able to load GA SE 5 on my new machine, but there is no content there. When I point the browser to the GA 5 factory content file which I downloaded which is 32g gigs, nothing appears in the browser.) Any insight on how I can access all the kits I’ve purchased? Thanks in advance!

You should be able to download the SE content from the Cubase section in the Download Assistant. You get some basic stuff via that. Unless you own the full version of Groove Agent you won’t be able to access all that content.

This is an older thread but the process described would be the same. I’m sure I have done it myself.

You can compare what is included with Groove Agent SE vs Groove Agent here: