Unable to install upgrade license

I just recently bought upgrade to Cubase 11 pro only to find that I am unable to use it.
I have a new computer, where I’m trying to install it. The upgrade is from 7 to 11.
I found the old license (7) from MySteinberg site but it is also an upgrade from older version. I had originally bought a physical copy of Cubase 4 or 5 and I can’t find it’s license anywhere.

It must be on the soft licenser on my old machine. The problem is that the old computer does not boot anymore, so I cannot move the license to USB licenser (if it is even possible, I don’t know?).

Now I’m stuck. Has anyone had a similar problem and maybe a solution? I filed a support ticket from MySteinberg but it’s already almost a week without any reply.


If you had Cubase 4 or Cubase 5, these license were stored on the USB-eLicenser already, same as Cubase Studio 4 & 5. Cubase Essential was the Soft-eLicenser edition. But if you upgraded your Cubase 4 or 5 to Cubase 7 license already, you see only the Cubase 7 license on your USB-eLicenser.

So, the only one relevant info is, what is present on your USB-eLicenser, please?

I’m afraid the usb licenser does not have anything in it :frowning:


Then I’m afraid, you have no license to upgrade from.