Unable to install UR44 drivers

I have just bought a new UR44 and i have lots of trouble installing the drivers.

First i have installed drivers and software from the cd.
Everything ran fine and installation finished properly.
I have launch some music, sound was good, i was pretty happy.

I wished to run Amplitube 3.
It didn’t see any audio card.
I went to options, picked steinberg ASIO drivers and then it launched like a new driver install.
It did it from scratcha least 3 times then told he was unabled to get the drivers

Then i have launched reaper to try some vst plugins.
I doesn’t recognized the card. I went to options picked the steinberg asio drivers and then it launched like a new usb driver installation again.

The card is looking to be working fine in hardware control panel

So i went to the control panel and got the following message.

So ihave uninstalled all the drivers, reboot and reinstalled them again and went directly to control panel and steinberg usb drivers.
I had the same error again.

I went to Steinberg website, picked the last drivers, reinstalled => same issue
i have redone it as “administrator” for the whole software suite => same problem
i have redone it as “administrator” for the usb driver only => same problem

So right now i am reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally disapointed.

I think the only remaining thing to do is formating my windows and start from scratch but it will take me lots of work to save everything, not forget anything, so it annoys me a lot.

My configuration is the following:

  • windows 7 64
  • i5 2.8ghz
  • 4 go ram

I had a Line6 UX2 installed before which was working fine, i uninstalled the right way.

Can you please help me or i will have to send it back as i bought it online?

Thank you