Unable to launch Cubase Pro 11 since 11.0.30 update


I have tried to see if I can get answers to this elsewhere on the forums but no joy so far. Since I updated Cubase Pro to 11.0.30 I have been unable to launch it. I created some DMP files which I shared and I will share here too

  1. normal preferences start-up
  2. disable preferences start-up
  3. disable all 3rd party plug-ins - crashes when I try and refresh VST list as loads are missing

I updated to 11.0.40 today in the hope that might resolve things but still I get the same issues. If needed I can regenerate the DMP files using the new version of Cubase.

I have 3 albums I need to submit and I cannot finish them until I can get back into Cubase again and I am really up against it in terms of time now.


Not an expert on debugging crashes. But do you still have Cubase 10.5 installed and if so does it crash too? If not you could use it to work on your pending Projects. The .cpr files are both forward & backwards compatible - although of course features introduced in 11 won’t be available in 10.5, but they are not lost, just unavailable.

Another option would be to load Cubase 11 on a friend’s computer and plug your dongle into that.

Thanks @raino, I hadn’t even thought of that!

I reinstalled Cubase 10.x and it does indeed work so it looks as thought the issue on my computer is related to something specific to v11.x. Thanks for the idea, helps with the troubleshooting!



Is it a duplicate of this post?

Hi @Martin.Jirsak,

Apologies, I added this second post in an attempt to get a version of Cubase working so we can close this down if needed but yes, Cubase 10.x works fine