Unable to load Komplete 12 instruments, effects

This is my first post. I’m using Cubase Pro 10, just updated to 10.0.4 hoping my issue would disappear but it did not. I’m using the new Komplete 12 CE/updated from 8. In plugin manager, all my NI instruments appear to be listed and there’s nothing on the blacklist. When I add a new instrument track to insert one of my NI instruments (Kontakt 5 for example) none of them show up in the list of choices. I’ve checked the plugin paths as well. I have the same issue w/all NI effects-- they’re listed in the plug in manager under effects tab, but are not available from the drop down when I go to add a new effect. I’ve been searching the forums but haven’t seen this problem…there was a reference to my processor being AVX compatible on the NI site, but I’ve confirmed that it is compatible (i7-3770k 8m cache up to 3.9 ghz). I’ve confirmed all my plugs are 64 bit. I’m able to run Kontakt 5 and the instruments in standalone, just not in Cubase :blush: …I can’t figure it out. Please help!!