Unable to load new plugin to insert slot c13

Anybody has experience in C13 after 1-2h working on project it is not possible to load new vst to inserts…
When you click free insert slot in mixer or inspector normaly you get plugin list but I got a few times problem that there is no reaction after click on slot…
After restarting c13 and reloading cpr everything is normal. It is strange, is it possible that we have snother bug?


I haven’t neither experienced nor read this issue.

Are you on Mac or Windows? Can you reproduce it with any project? Have you tried a fresh project created in Cubase 13 from scratch?

Does it mean the list of the plug-ins doesn’t open?

It happend ocassionally, dificult to reproduce and there is no crash, only you cant load new plugins cause insert slot become iresponsive. i tryed to copy fx from one chanel to another and that works.

We recorded with one band with C13 from scratch a few songs and now Im mixing.

Yes, list of plugins doesnt open on click to insert slot, also drag and drop from right side panel to inspector doesnt work at this point, after restart project it works again as normal…


In which cute did you try? In the Project’s Channel or in the Inspector or in the Channel Settings Window or in the MixConsole?

Are you on Mac or Windows, which version, please? Which graphic card do you use? Do you use HiDPI?

I had the same problem in an older install of Cubase years ago.
It was related to a driver issue with the graphics card. I changed to a different graphics card on the same computer and the issue was gone.

But as already pointed out, it was years ago.


I tred in project chanel, inspector and mixer, all 3, when it stops working then everywhere.
Windows 11 last version, Nvidia 3070ti from Asus, not using HiDPI.