Unable to locate the function: "SKip Range" / Skip section during playback - Cubase ai 9.5

The mentioned function is described here https://steinberg.help/wavelab_elements/v9.5/en/wavelab/topics/playback/transport_bar_sections_during_playback_skipping_t.html

SO how come I am unable to locate it in CUbase ai 9.5?

Seems to me to be such a basic function. I wish to use it when having to cut some out of the track. THen to know what to keep I wish to hear all but the selected range for deletion.

Please tell me where to find it.



The link is to WaveLab, not Cubase.

But you can do the same in Cubase. Set the Left and Right locator, but vice-versa. Right locator to the beginning, where do you want to skip from, and Left locator to the end. The locator range colour changes to the red. Don’t forget to enable Cycle. Now, this read range will be skipped while playback.

If you need more sophisticated re-arrangement, use Arranger track.

Thank you. I don’t get notifications so had to find this bookmarked thread myself to see your answer.